that night i danced......and then it occured to me!

Well, to begin, i am terrible at remembering to take pictures of my artwork. It was the week of The Burning Hell's Happy Birthday CD Release and it was my birthday, and i had planned to spend a weekend in Toronto. It's not often that i'm able to spend more than one day there, but in regular piscean fashion, my birthday lasted a leetle longer than a day......SO, to move on, I had printed undies for The Burning Hell in a bit of a rush, and in haste, forgot to take pictures!#@&!!!!?
On March 7, 2008, The Burning Hell were playing at the Silverdollar Room (The last show before they headed out west-with the undies!) and spur of the moment I remembered to snap a couple of pics of their merch case. Unfortunately I had already had a few when I took the pics.......SO, the picture here only shows '(heart) the things that people make'-but the actual print reads: 'I (heart) the things that people make'. There are two other undie designs though! 'there are some things I can't control.......' and 'Welcome to the Burning Hell'.
That's my story.

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Soft Oddities said...

i suppose i posted this blog in haste, for some reason, and failed to mention that the undie designs are excerpts from Burning Hell lyrics. I also feel this blog sounds nothing like me.