blog to self

i have lots of new work to throw on the blog soon...so this is really a blog to self so that i remember to get on it.
Coming soon................................................Album artwork for Peterborough band The Psycs, an update on my solo show that's in the works, All Girl Band in case you haven't heard!!!!!which is a new musical project that Mark Russell and myself are pulling together tautly.....and pics of the new Burning Hell tees that are right now occupying my living room with their beauty...to dry. I'll also be showing some new textile work at the 400 Street Fest in downtown Peterborough on Sat. June 21st. Come check it out on the 400 block of George St. from 12-6.......oh, and this is just a picture to display how my mind feels when it's full of things i need to do, say, get around to, etc...it's a paper brain....it is.


layin' off on the blah-blah-blabbin'

Well, here are a few examples of the newly fashioned Weird Weather collared, long-sleeve shirts. I'm hoping to have a better photo shoot with someone modeling them.....anyone? C'mon........


that night i danced......and then it occured to me!

Well, to begin, i am terrible at remembering to take pictures of my artwork. It was the week of The Burning Hell's Happy Birthday CD Release and it was my birthday, and i had planned to spend a weekend in Toronto. It's not often that i'm able to spend more than one day there, but in regular piscean fashion, my birthday lasted a leetle longer than a day......SO, to move on, I had printed undies for The Burning Hell in a bit of a rush, and in haste, forgot to take pictures!#@&!!!!?
On March 7, 2008, The Burning Hell were playing at the Silverdollar Room (The last show before they headed out west-with the undies!) and spur of the moment I remembered to snap a couple of pics of their merch case. Unfortunately I had already had a few when I took the pics.......SO, the picture here only shows '(heart) the things that people make'-but the actual print reads: 'I (heart) the things that people make'. There are two other undie designs though! 'there are some things I can't control.......' and 'Welcome to the Burning Hell'.
That's my story.


200 and counting....

the stavEley project album covers

This shot only shows a small portion of prints drying across my living room . Design credits to Nicole Conboy(coNartist) for her logo design. Check out her blog!
Jill Staveley of the stavEley project joins guythehood while he tours his film chronic with The Burning Hell, very well van-ning it westward as i type. Jill will be playing solo sets as well as playing with The Burning Hell.
It is not at all a crazy coincidence that i screen-printed merch for chronic the film(hoodies appropriately) and undies! for The Burning Hell.


weird sweathervest ??

the only sweater-vest, so far........
modelled by the dear Mathias Kom of The Burning Hell, part of the first batch of weird weather merch for the NYrs eve 2008 show at the Spill Cafe. the storm cloud and w-shaped lightning bolts are hand-cut original design appliques, and then screen-printed "weird weather". layout varies from garment to garment, including hoodies, tees, and long-sleeved shirts.
i'm currently working on weird weather collared shirts. scarves and more sweater-vests to come! check out their MySpace